Wednesday, December 29, 2010

another one bites the dust...

it was a year ago that i started this little blog... oh, what a difference a year makes. 

let's see, 2010 what did you offer:

new city
a peaked interest in yoga
back to school at 28
turning 29
unsettled feelings
happy feelings
new friends
reconnecting with old friends
art, lots of art.
at least 20,000 miles on my 17yr old car
happy in love, saying goodbye to love
new beginnings and utter excitement

that's definitely the shorter version of what's been happening.  needless to say, the blog took the hit with everything else swirling around in my world.  i feel stronger now, i feel wiser and dammit, isn't that the point of growing and experiencing the changing years?  i let myself fall victim to my own demise this past year and i refuse to play that role in my own story again....rephrase:  i'm sure it will happen again at some point but NEVER will it last as long as it did. 

so cheers to everyone with resolutions and wants and goals to set forth and conquer!!