Thursday, January 28, 2010


one of my {many} goals this year is to study and learn all i can in typography, calligraphy, letterpress, print and sooooo on. i recently stumbled, as i do daily, onto a cup of jo. check this gal out... would she be called a typographist?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

desert song

ok, so i know i'm a little late with these guys but better late than never. i can't stop listening to edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros. long car rides, rainy days, sunshiny days, afternoon reading//seriously it fits into any part of my day. i've mentioned one of my favorite photographers here before, max wanger, please take a peak at his blog for some fantastic shots of the band and long time friends of his.

photo courtesy of their facebook

what are your recent favorites?

Monday, January 25, 2010

100 monks

yesterday we {erin, ash and me} drove out to palm river rd in tampa to the thai temple, WAT MONGKOLRATANARAM. it was the annual meeting of the council and 60th birthday of a very special monk. it's something extraordinary when you put yourself outside of your comfort zone and go places you never knew existed, in your back yard no less. they had the most amazing, FREE food. every sunday, check this place out. they love visitors!

not being confined to a cubicle is doing wonders for me. i wasn't allowing myself to enjoy my surroundings before and there are some pretty great things around here.

anyone else see some rad things this weekend?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

rural realization

i took a drive yesterday, way out on highway 301 in search for some wide open spaces. it was ok to get lost and it was ok to make random stops and u-turns. after a good cleansing cry this week, nothing felt better then walking through some farm land, waving to an old lady across the street and snapping a few whimsical photos....

please click the images below to see the set.

not to mention a sweet little gift from my good friend erin awaited me on my porch and a sensational mix from my cuz, sara. it was a great way to return home, they're good people.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

it's happening.

the last 4 weeks are now catching up with me.

i'm lost.

i was amazed by how well i was handling everything so this was bound to happen.  these tears will be put to good use, i swear by it.

all of the creative ideas i once had while sitting in a cubicle 9 hours a day are disappearing.  why is it when you finally have the time, nothing comes to you?

i never wanted to be mediocre.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

another birthday.

they keep comin' and we keep having fun! today is one of my dearest friends // hope you have a blast regina (that's her above on the left, everyone say hi) xxxooo!!

it's no lie

i'm hooked on all things blog...

i never thought i'd be that person to get sucked in to this world. even back in the late 90's when everyone was all about livejournal and their inner-most secrets, emo kiddies, fashionista's and so on. at first i thought it was a youngsters cry out for attention. now, forget it, i can't get enough.

i'm always so taken back by all the creativity, the inspiration, the colorful people, the quest for happiness, the love... oh, goodness! i'm now so intrigued by the stories, the documenting, the humorous things my friends children do and the incredible way they write about them.

today's inspiration comes from a trail i followed from 100 layer cake, to max wanger (sensational photographer) and finally to this couple.... man, what i wouldn't give to do this someday. just say adios to everyday activities and see the world, if only for a few months.

i'll do it, we'll do it!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

real wedding whitney & bryan

here is a sneak peak....

this is fun.

Monday, January 11, 2010

time to get serious.

for the first time in about 4/5 years i am heading back to school {tonite}, hillsborough community college to start the graphic design track. lately {probably stemming from my blog addiction} i've been drawn to all things print, typography, letterpress, home design, etc etc. i checked out some of the classes at h.c.c. and decided that i'd take a few of the beginner design courses to see if it's something i want to pursue.

i still haven't allowed myself to break into photography yet - i know it's lack of self confidence that's killing me. i sometimes check out sites like digital photography school online, zach arias, joe mcnally's blog and a ton more for a kick in the ass to get out there and shoot. something. anything. just keep moving forward. i don't want this blog to turn into my woe is me journal of how i'm not doing what i want yet... this morning i went on to dps and they had a quick entry about goals. they listed the top 30 photographic goals of 2010. while they don't all apply, i'm def bookmarking the page for those days that i need a little push.

anyone else starting fresh in twenty ten?


good morning. coffee. strong please.

Friday, January 8, 2010

park life

running around with a nearly 4 year old and a puppy makes for an interesting day - strap some camera equipment over my shoulder and it's down right exhausting. i give a ton of credit to all you mommies, that shit's rough!

we started the day hanging out with tanya at her studio in downtown st petersburg. she had roughly ten little ones and all their mommies (and an aunt) for a promo shoot. wow!

quick iphone capture
Align Center

emma wasn't into all the commotion, she's not used to being around so many lil' guys all at once. so we took off for the park to see if we could get some shots since she was looking so darn cute.

miss emma banana

we headed home for a pb&j and a painting session

thanks to emma's mommy for making such a cool kid.

hope everyone else is having a fun week. get outside, play, laugh and be creative!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

all things knit

record lows in tampa tonight - 27 degrees which = knit tights, scarves, sweaters and my newest addition....

pick up your simply jessica knit hand warmers at simple living in downtown st pete.

think happy thoughts - the sun-worshipping citrus is going to have a rough night.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

green thumb

let's clear things up right away - i don't have one. while i claim to be ok at baking and i make a mean spaghetti sauce, i don't know jack about plants... thankfully i have good people in my life that know this and bring gorgeous greenery that is awfully tough to kill off.

specimen 1. gorgeous christmas succulents from emily p.

specimen 2. pretty pineapple from my old neighbor in st petersburg

specimen 3. my "don't worry, it's ok you just got canned" pansies

i've got my fingers crossed for a long life span - good luck lil' guys.

Monday, January 4, 2010

chill in the air.

thanks for hanging in there while i figure this blogging thing out. i always wonder... what's too much info to give out to the world wide web and what's too little where no one will give a damn?

while i battle those two questions i have about a million and one things zipping through my pea brain head. i make "to-do" lists and jot down things on my iCal but still i get lost in thoughts and find myself getting buried and entangled in things that really could wait until tomorrow.

hcc consumed way more time than necessary today - at least i have one class registered (not bad for 5 hours of wait time, ha!). not to mention the time spent at the IRS office allowed for some outstanding people watching.

...on a complete side note, i'm pretty sure i'm done with shaving my legs until the abnormal but completely loved fla. weather subsides (lucky jerms). the cold plus my tea pot sized water heater does not make for an enjoyable shower time.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

weddings. start. noW!

i can't wait, this year is off to a bang already.

1. made a killer (healthy) breakfast
2. joined for a bust your rump boot camp at 8am this morning
3. off to snap some photos at the kick off wedding of the year. thanks to bryan leighty of bwlphotography.

i'll publish photos as soon as i've got them back in my grubby lil hands.

Friday, January 1, 2010

new years

ours was spent drinking a few beers, discussing the past year with our closest pals and a mini dance party anywhere we could find good tunes. nothing is better than being around positive people that believe in you and help you focus on achieving whatever it is that will truly make you happy.

i found myself jobless a week before christmas - scared and confused is an understatement. there was not one single person that said, "oh man, i'm so sorry". every person i came across said "congrats"! how rad is that??

i am looking at this as an opportunity to learn new things, dive headfirst into my photo work and finally take a few design courses at hillsborough community college. good things creep up on you in some pretty crazy ways.

better things to come - twenty ten will rule!