Sunday, January 17, 2010

it's no lie

i'm hooked on all things blog...

i never thought i'd be that person to get sucked in to this world. even back in the late 90's when everyone was all about livejournal and their inner-most secrets, emo kiddies, fashionista's and so on. at first i thought it was a youngsters cry out for attention. now, forget it, i can't get enough.

i'm always so taken back by all the creativity, the inspiration, the colorful people, the quest for happiness, the love... oh, goodness! i'm now so intrigued by the stories, the documenting, the humorous things my friends children do and the incredible way they write about them.

today's inspiration comes from a trail i followed from 100 layer cake, to max wanger (sensational photographer) and finally to this couple.... man, what i wouldn't give to do this someday. just say adios to everyday activities and see the world, if only for a few months.

i'll do it, we'll do it!

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