Friday, January 8, 2010

park life

running around with a nearly 4 year old and a puppy makes for an interesting day - strap some camera equipment over my shoulder and it's down right exhausting. i give a ton of credit to all you mommies, that shit's rough!

we started the day hanging out with tanya at her studio in downtown st petersburg. she had roughly ten little ones and all their mommies (and an aunt) for a promo shoot. wow!

quick iphone capture
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emma wasn't into all the commotion, she's not used to being around so many lil' guys all at once. so we took off for the park to see if we could get some shots since she was looking so darn cute.

miss emma banana

we headed home for a pb&j and a painting session

thanks to emma's mommy for making such a cool kid.

hope everyone else is having a fun week. get outside, play, laugh and be creative!

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