Thursday, January 21, 2010

rural realization

i took a drive yesterday, way out on highway 301 in search for some wide open spaces. it was ok to get lost and it was ok to make random stops and u-turns. after a good cleansing cry this week, nothing felt better then walking through some farm land, waving to an old lady across the street and snapping a few whimsical photos....

please click the images below to see the set.

not to mention a sweet little gift from my good friend erin awaited me on my porch and a sensational mix from my cuz, sara. it was a great way to return home, they're good people.


  1. beautiful pictures. i like the tone of them. thanks for sharing. i hope you have one wonderful weekend!

  2. @mart and lu- these were a lot of fun, thanks for taking a look!

  3. beautiful pics girl.. you are so so talented....looking forward to getting together sunday!!