Monday, January 4, 2010

chill in the air.

thanks for hanging in there while i figure this blogging thing out. i always wonder... what's too much info to give out to the world wide web and what's too little where no one will give a damn?

while i battle those two questions i have about a million and one things zipping through my pea brain head. i make "to-do" lists and jot down things on my iCal but still i get lost in thoughts and find myself getting buried and entangled in things that really could wait until tomorrow.

hcc consumed way more time than necessary today - at least i have one class registered (not bad for 5 hours of wait time, ha!). not to mention the time spent at the IRS office allowed for some outstanding people watching.

...on a complete side note, i'm pretty sure i'm done with shaving my legs until the abnormal but completely loved fla. weather subsides (lucky jerms). the cold plus my tea pot sized water heater does not make for an enjoyable shower time.

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