Monday, January 11, 2010

time to get serious.

for the first time in about 4/5 years i am heading back to school {tonite}, hillsborough community college to start the graphic design track. lately {probably stemming from my blog addiction} i've been drawn to all things print, typography, letterpress, home design, etc etc. i checked out some of the classes at h.c.c. and decided that i'd take a few of the beginner design courses to see if it's something i want to pursue.

i still haven't allowed myself to break into photography yet - i know it's lack of self confidence that's killing me. i sometimes check out sites like digital photography school online, zach arias, joe mcnally's blog and a ton more for a kick in the ass to get out there and shoot. something. anything. just keep moving forward. i don't want this blog to turn into my woe is me journal of how i'm not doing what i want yet... this morning i went on to dps and they had a quick entry about goals. they listed the top 30 photographic goals of 2010. while they don't all apply, i'm def bookmarking the page for those days that i need a little push.

anyone else starting fresh in twenty ten?


  1. fresh start here more engagement, music has reintroduced itself into my life...looking at a jazz program out in SF as a future destination....congrats on school J-Z I know you will find what you are looking for

  2. i changed my underwear. turning over a new leaf.

  3. @smg- start using deodorant and you'll be a brand new lady.

  4. been on the path to starting fresh since September 2008... finally feeling like things are rolling my way. be fearless girl! and don't go getting all chicken about your photography. it's what you do and who you are!