Thursday, March 18, 2010


sometimes i follow (stalker style) my friends through the grocery store... big thanks to the publix manager for not being a total meanie and making me put my camera away. i was working on a class project and erin was a fantastic friend as usual. she's totally willing to put herself in bizarre situations and have a good laugh the whole time, my friends are pretty rad!

here is a quick outtake from the juice isle.

anyone else have any interesting supermarket stories?


  1. Well, i have a couple of supermarket stories. First, I have a fond memory of begging for a specific cereal when I was a child, and my mom kept telling me no. She kept warning me not to ask again. Persistant as I was, I kept on. It all ended when mom smacked me in my face and gave me a bloody nose. Back in the day this was appropriate repremanding for a child I guess?
    Another, I was at Publix with Sophia. She's known to be pretty damn clumsy. Well one day, out of no where, she just fell into all of their table of plants. They had some on the ground and those were the ones she fell into. Keep in mind, that there was nothing in her way to cause her to fall. It was the most hilarious thing. Her and I just laughed hysterically for a good ten minutes. Like almost peed my pants laughing!

  2. I need to take photo classes from you. Figure out tuition for a two day class and I'll come see you one weekend.

    :) Really. That's a smiley, but I am not kidding.

  3. I worked in a grocery store for two years and my stories are more of the "shudder" variety...