Tuesday, July 27, 2010


it's been a fun hobby of mine to make little quirky postcards for birthdays. recently, myself and few friends have even started sending postcards via snail-mail! awesome? indeed!

birdlime presents to you- the postcard, restylized and prettyfied!
can be used for announcements, birthdays (which is technically an announcement, right?), just because, mostly for fun

and what it looks like after your local USPS puts on the finishing touches!

i kept the address visible on purpose:::yes, please send us mail.. we're big fans!

this particular birthday announcement was printed on gloss paper and matted with card-stock for durability (those postal workers get a little rough sometimes).

a big fav (personally) are the square creations going out....

a similar backing as the one above is then attached (4X4 size),
and like magic your friend gets a sweet goodie in their mailbox!

because really, who isn't a fan of your mail carrier delivering something other than junk-n-bills?

as soon as my yellow cartridge is delivered and inserted- it's on!


  1. My special card has a spot in my dresser mirror because you're special and there's a giraffe on it. But mostly because you're special.


  2. Awesome card, awesome font. I wish I got snail mail still!

  3. no steph, you're special-- ride the short bus kinda special : )

    mr. alan- please send your address and maybe you'll get a lil' gem in your mailbox.

  4. Oh birdlime... how I miss your face!