Monday, March 14, 2011


this post isn't about the wonders of an avocado, it's a simple thanks to what makes me smile and the people and things that never let me fall (too hard)....

after one hell of a roller coaster week:

the most adorable little card in the mail (thanks again b)
terrific convos, some about some things and some about nothings
a little tough love
an intro to arrested development and george michael (the character, not wham!)
erin and jonny blogs
shared a bottle of wine and a few good laughs
the pup somehow always knowing...

reading under the warm fla sunshine
her pretty voice and hers too

when the inspiration is failing me and it's hard to pick myself up and try for amazing things, it's kinda nice knowing i'm never alone... we've got each-others back.

....and my small potato problems are nothing to what the people of Japan and all those effected my the earthquake and tsunami are going through...  link.


  1. as long as we are talking about guac, i have an amazing recipe for you!

  2. @erin- jonny will challenge you to a gauc-off!
    @steph- i think you're double lovely and not just because you're cute when preggers :)

  3. Love the blog....and I'm totally ready for a guac-off! Bring it!