Monday, February 1, 2010

are you my mother?

this last weekend of january was a ton of fun. it was busy but what weekend isn't anymore....

we got to kick off our friday with a potluck dinner at a friends place - i will post pictures of her house soon, an incredible designer with a knack for taking incredible eclectic pieces and knowing where and how to place each one. she's got style! make sure to check out her shop - a simple living in downtown st pete.

i've mentioned my niece here before... she's almost 4 and talks up a storm with a million questions.. everything is why, why? her mommy gave us tickets to see one of her favorite books live on stage, "are you my mother?". the tampa bay performing arts center (i'll be back here in a few weeks for wicked...eeek!) was full of 5 and under's. i wasn't sure what we had in store for us but all the kids loved it, they were paying attention and giggling, clapping along. the dialogue may have been a bit too heavy in parts but that's what happens when you create an hour long play from a book with virtually no words. i snuck my camera in for a few shots..

emma hiding//

i'm now onto a few projects for school and setting up some meetings in hopes for some paid jobs soon. keep your fingers crossed.

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  1. Nina has that book! it's hard to imagine how they would make it into a live thing, but I bet the kids loved it. Good luck with job stuff. fingers are crossed for ya!