Friday, February 5, 2010

baby love

first and foremost i have about 3 blog posts running right now and editing like a crazy person to get more work up on the new website. i have a few shoots coming up, interview and a ton of school work. i'm so happy to be busy and not sitting around eating bon-bons (that is what all unemployed people do, riiiiiight?)....

here are a few shots from a certain neighbor baby that really is just incredible. he's so super chill, go with the flow and an obvious model in the making (doesn't hurt that he's got two hottie parents also).

i was surprised how much i enjoyed snapping pics of this lil guy. besides my niece i'm a little unversed with children, hopefully going forward they are all as mild mannered as this one... one can hope, right??


  1. aunt jess....ash would like to know why he's refered to as the neighborhood kid?

  2. hahaha- ash you are so much more than the "neighbor" kid, i just thought it had a nice sesame street ring to it xoxoxo

  3. cute pictures! let me know if you ever wanna borrow ayden. it's torture for me to try and get cute pictures out of him and he's always better for other people.

  4. @melissa- good to know, thanks.