Monday, February 15, 2010

literally, i squealed!

i know i know, my previous posts mentioned how we weren't really big on the whole hallmark valentine's day thing, but apparently jeremy decided that was getting too cliche' to say and really surprised me... i mean REALLY!

saturday my parents and i visited the tampa museum of art - it's incredible. i'm so proud of the city getting it's act in gear and truly making it's name known. lightrail, museums, theater, sports, schools, etc. we met jeremy later for lunch and he so nonchalantly pulled this goodie out from behind him.

i have been admiring the leather work by the talented seth daniels {imperial wolf} for quite sometime - you can see why!

leather work by imperial wolf!
back wallet art by horsebites!

sunday morning mr. amazing made his lady breakfast in bed and after a few hours of peace and quiet, i was whisked off to what was the most disturbing and entertaining spectacle so far this year- the florida state fair! wowza.

first the pretties:

now for the ???

yes, you read that correctly "doughnut burger"! these guys
don't mess around... i really wanted to see what the deep
fried pepsi was all about, but i went oreo instead (so good).
i was going to say some things about the hormone injected
turkey legs, however that guy had the sweetest smile.

hope everyone else had a fun day, if not because it was valentine's, then well, just because.


  1. love the new wallet! good job jerms!...p.s. the deep fried oreos are my fav at the fair!

  2. Jeremy sounds like a nice fella'

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  4. that wallet is awesome. love the fair photos and i wonder what deep fried pepsi could possibly be? sounds so weird.

  5. love, love, love the skyride pic!