Tuesday, February 9, 2010


i started working on my valentine's day surprises for jeremy today. i won't post pictures today (he tends to read this from time to time) however, i'll make sure to post the results after sunday.

i (we) have never been big on this holiday, at least not the whole buying frenzy that seems to precede it. jerms and i decided that this day is set aside for just "us" time, no chores or work or blogging.

last year was a quiet afternoon on honeymoon island, cute name right?? we packed our picnic basket and a blanket and that was it... nothing special was needed. we set up camp on the dog part of the island (this was before miss max, we must've been getting that puppy fever then). the year before that was a surprise picnic he surprised me with on a tiny floating dock on the hillsborough river - we popped champagne (we're fancy like that) and ate a little pasta salad. our motto- involve food in everything! so this year i have no idea what's in store- stay tuned.

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  1. These are so cute! I love the mini ones... I just did something kind of like that for my younger sisters. And your Valentine's Day last year sounds so fun!

  2. hi rachel- last year was a blast! pretty sure we'll be heading to the florida state fair this time around... i can't wait to eat all the bad fried food!