Monday, April 19, 2010

[to] be alive

jeremy and i made the decision a little over two years ago to move.. not far away, but far enough from the most important people outside our family- our friends. while it's been great making new friends and meeting new people in our neighborhoods, nothing beats getting together with the people that make us feel whole. cheesy? yes. sincere? totally! it's been a transcending year, we're all getting older [eek] and busier [yuck], which make these short visits far and few between.

saturday's visit to the little big city in central florida wound up with good wine, candy, puppy playtime, make your face hurt laughing fits, bar hops, tapas, strippers and absolutely fantastic people.

while i don't have the boys pictures from bachelor party debauchery, i do have a few snaps from the photobooth at the koerper's casa.

we're very serious about not acting our age and embracing our inner 8 year old.

thank you patrick hernandez // born to be alive